E L I Z A   W H A L E N

Hello! My name is Eliza Whalen, I am a multimedia artist from Albany, New York currently studying in Boston, Massachusetts. My work explores the ideas of finding comfort in one’s identity, embracing femininity, and the bittersweetness of growth.

I am currently enrolled in the dual degree BA/BFA program at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, studying history and studio art. My academic studies focus on the history of Europe and Russia, while my artistic pursuits concentrate primarily on ink illustration, painting, and cyanotype printmaking. During the Spring of 2023, I spent several months in Paris studying history and art history through Tufts and at the Université Paris Cité.

I have worked for a diverse array of cultural, historic, and creative institutions including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Albany Center Gallery, Artists For Humanity, the Tufts University Art Galleries, the Paul Revere House Museum, the Gibson House Museum, and Tisch Library Special Collections. I am interested in pursuing professional work in curation, education, archives, research, and museums.

Contact: elizawhalen@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of my good friend Anneke Chan